Wisteria hysteria in Strasbourg

Now that the magnolias have blossomed, the wisterias are starting to bloom – signalling the arrival of spring and eventually the early days of summer. Here and there, buildings are clad in creeping, brightly-colored floral terraces, natural spiral staircases, cascades of sparkling lilac or white… Garden archways don their spring attire and bask in the sunlight.Every year, these fragrant climbing clusters enchant photographers, lovers of beauty and flower enthusiasts alike. They also attract bees and bumblebees, who indulge in their nectar.

Here are some of our favorite shots of Strasbourg’s wisterias in bloom:

36 replies on “Wisteria hysteria in Strasbourg”

That spring sky and sunshine are so beautiful in your photos, I wish I could step into them! (Greetings from a dark and wet Seattle winter)

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Thank you so much, Fran! We do too, sometimes. Midwinter can be rainy and glum here as well. We recommend you check out our guide to Strasbourg’s famous Christmas market! It’s not spring flowers, but it will sure get you in the holiday spirit!


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