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Vietnamese food in Strasbourg : Restaurant Imperial

Located at the south end of the historical quarter of la Petite France, Restaurant Impérial offers an authentic journey through the culinary traditions of Vietnam.

The restaurant interior has been beautifully designed by Alpepe Architectes, who have used a contemporary interpretation of traditional elements from the ancient imperial city of Hue: an imperial symbol on an untreated steel screen, an entire wall painted with a map of the fortified city, a large print of the pattern from the robe of the last emperor of Vietnam, traditional bamboo hats made into lampshades… Shades of gold and emerald green pair well with the wood and steel materials to create a warm and cozy setting.

On the menu, you will find typical Vietnamese dishes: start with spring rolls, dumplings, or summer rolls, then choose between a classic phở (a hearty soup – pronounced “phuh”), Bò bún (beef with rice vermicelli noodles), sticky rice salads, skewers and Vietnamese pancakes, or braised/stir-fried dishes with rice. The more adventurous types might be tempted to go for the Bun Bo Hue, a spicy soup with pork trotter and blood. This popular delicacy from Hue was considered by chef Anthony Bourdain to be one of the best soups in the world. A vegetarian menu (with vegetables and tofu) and various desserts are also available.

The drinks menu will definitely have something for every taste: several hot teas and house-made iced teas, Vietnamese beer, cocktails, soft drinks, and wine. Stéphanie loved the house-made peach iced tea so much, she ordered a second one.

We particularly enjoyed the lovely interior, the authentic cuisine (especially the imperial chicken with lemongrass), the kind staff, the intimate setting for our evening, and the calming traditional music.

Restaurant Imperial
📍 9 quai Turckheim, Strasbourg

11 replies on “Vietnamese food in Strasbourg : Restaurant Imperial”

I love Stras with a passion…fab place on earth…I was there 37 years ago studying French as a foreign student ….I met my husband Richard and my best friend Sarah nee Strike.! I met Nadia s and learned to ski in the Vosges mountains. Was so pivotal We ate as cheaply and well as possible … Pizzeria des Théâtres is still there or was four years ago! Awesome. Le Trou for cave drinking and fun…
Lovely to hear of new places making their mark!

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Thank you for your lovely comment, Kate! The pizzeria is still open, but ze trou has been shut down unfortunately. But there are still lots of fun bars and great places to eat in town!

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