Off-piste sights

 Our little secrets in and around Strasbourg

Want to go off the beaten track and explore the city in a different way? Check out our little secrets in and around Strasbourg 

Side streets and street art

Set off on a street art strafari, anywhere you please

Unusual Strasbourg

Immerse yourself in hidden gems and unusual discoveries to see a different side to the city

Quai Rouget de Lisle

Stroll at the speed of the current to the European institutions

The Étoile district

Wander around the neighborhood near place de l’Étoile

Rue du Jeu des Enfants

Explore a street that has become pedestrian; verdant and colorful

The parc de Pourtalès

Take a soothing walk in the forest just a stone’s throw from the city center

The Marne-Rhine canal

Walk along the waterfront between city and nature

On a map…

View all our Off-piste sights on a map

Strafari Food

Check out all our food & drink tips in Strasbourg

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