Quai Rouget de Lisle

Starting at place Brant, take quai Rouget de Lisle and walk along the Ill all the way to the European institutions. Enjoy the view from quai du Bassin de l’Ill at the foot of the Council of Europe and immerse yourself in both the local and international atmosphere. (Quai du Bassin de l’Ill is closed from public access during parliamentary sessions.) 

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Take a leisurely stroll at the speed of the current, away from the large avenues (allée de la Robertsau, avenue de l’Europe, avenue des Vosges). Relax on a bench and watch the sightseeing boats, canoes, kayaks and rowboats go by on the river. 

Cross the Ducrot footbridge and take a selfie with the Giraffe Man statue (by artist Stephan Balkenhol) in front of TV channel ARTE’s head office. Continue on rue du Général Ducrot and discover the beautiful buildings around the parc des Contades (towards the Neustadt quarter).

On avenue de la Paix-Simone Veil, the tram tracks perfectly align with the Cathedral, creating a striking view.

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