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Strafari (n.): portmanteau word made up of Strasbourg (our city) and safari (“journey” in Swahili).

Strafari is a blog by travelers, for travelers: we share our travels and our vision of Strasbourg, in a way that we would like someone to present a new destination to us.

(Re)discovering Strasbourg

Strafari was born out of our wish to get reacquainted Strasbourg, to reconnect with our city and see it from a different angle, like travelers searching for new experiences.

We’ve picked 5 must-see sights in town; what we call Strasbourg’s Big Five (in reference to the 5 major mammals to spot during an African safari). We also share our Off-piste sights (unusual discoveries, and our little secrets in and around Strasbourg), as well as our best tips and spots.

Our travel diary

Traveling is our main driving force and one of our shared passions. We love to go away together, whether it’s for a city break, a short getaway, or a longer trip to a more remote spot.

Strasbourg is our home base, our point of departure towards new horizons.

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Explore Strasbourg

First-timer’s guide to Strasbourg

Our guide for your first visit to Strasbourg: To let you discover all the must-see sights and take in the soul of the city, we’ve created the ideal weekend itinerary for you.

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Strasbourg Museums

Discover the museums of Strasbourg: Museums are vital channels for promoting local culture and history. The museums of Strasbourg allow you to explore the arts, crafts, and architecture through the centuries, and introduce you to famous artists and noteworthy historical figures.

View the museums

Strasbourg on a rainy day

Enjoying Strasbourg despite the rain: Are you planning a trip to Strasbourg, but it looks like it’s going to rain? We’ve created a list of suggestions for sights and activities so you can  make the most of your stay, despite the rain.

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Our travel diary


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