Our travel diary

Travelling is our main driving force and one of our shared passions. Between the two of us, we’ve been to 55 countries on 4 continents. We love to go away together, whether it’s for a city break, a short getaway, or a longer trip to a more remote spot. 

Travel has the ability to awaken our curiosity and delight the senses. It transports our bodies as well our minds to a different world. It encourages us to break our habits, leave our prejudices behind, and open ourselves to the unknown.

Even though were aware of it before, the Covid pandemic made us truly realize that traveling is a privilege. We make the most of very chance to explore – it gives us inspiration, energy, and the chance to escape


Namibia & Botswana






The North Cape


The Netherlands

Our travel experiences, favorites & tips

Reducing the environmental footprint from our travels

We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our travels as much as possible. For example, we try to take the train whenever we can..

When we travel by plane, we make sure to offset our carbon footprint by participating in reforestation, conservation and energy transition programs.