About Strafari

Strafari is a travel blog by a French-Norwegian traveler couple living in Strasbourg. We share our travels and our vision of Strasbourg, in a way that we would like someone to present a new destination to us.

Playing tourists in our own city

Traveling is our source of energy and one of our shared passions. We love to go away together, whether it’s for a city break, a short getaway, or a longer trip to a more remote spot. 

Whenever we arrive at a new destination, we start by visiting the must-see sights. But what we enjoy the most is going off the beaten path for experiences that are more unique and out of the ordinary.

The idea for this blog took seed in our minds while traveling through Namibia and Botswana, on a safari to experience local nature and wildlife.

Some time later, after a complete change of scene on a trip to Japan, we realized that we wanted to reconnect with Strasbourg, to get reacquainted with our city and see it from a different angle, like travelers searching for new experiences.

Which is when we decided to become tourists in our own city and embark on a “Strafari”, a safari in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg: our city, our home base

Strasbourg is a European city (home to many institutions and European delegations) endowed with a rich cultural heritage (the Grande Île and the Neustadt quarter are UNESCO World Heritage sites). Strasbourg has the largest cycling network in France and its University welcomes international students from 150 different countries every year.

Stéphanie is Norwegian. She was born in Oslo, Norway’s dynamic capital city that keeps reinventing itself. Strasbourg has been her adoptive home town for several years. She’s the polyglot of the team, and always makes sure to learn a few key phrases in the local language before traveling to a new country. She’s the one who translates the blog into English. 

Born in Strasbourg, Jérôme left the Alsatian capital to pursue his studies and experience different places in France and abroad, before settling down in his beloved home town. His wanderings both near and far help feed his creativity and his writing. He’s the editor of the blog. 

We both take photos for the Instagram account and the blog. Sometimes we don’t even know which one of us is the photographer behind certain pictures.

A safari to (re)discover Strasbourg

Safari means “journey” in Swahili. It is indeed a journey that we’re offering you – from exploring Strasbourg’s Big Five (the city’s 5 must-see sights), to going Off-piste to discover its many secrets and hidden gems.

safari without a four-by-four (what could be better than exploring a city on foot or by bike?), far from the savannah and without a single wild animal in sight (although…you never know). Take in the atmosphere on a stroll around town: amble along the river, look up and let your eyes linger on some architectural detail, explore a random side street, try a few new restaurantscafés, or bars. Let’s go off the beaten path for a while, far from our usual haunts.

Strafari is a blog by travelers, for travelers: we want to share our travels and our vision of Strasbourg, in a way that we would like someone to present a new destination to us. We also hope to give Strasbourg’s citizens and visitors the opportunity to see the city in a new light.

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17 replies on “About Strafari”

Hello there and thanks so much for dropping in on my Sri Lankan page, it is much appreciated.

This blog looks great as there is so much of France I have yet to explore, Strasbourg included, although who knows if I will ever get a chance with this damned virus? I am just off to check your bar pages, that is my favourite subject!

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With pleasure, thanks for stopping by our page as well! Glad to know you’ve found a subject that interests you 🙂 Here’s to hoping you get to have a drink in Strasbourg in the near future!

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