Off-piste sights

 Our little secrets in and around Strasbourg

Want to go off the beaten track and explore the city in a different way? Check out our little secrets in and around Strasbourg 

Side streets and street art

Set off on a street art strafari, anywhere you please

The Étoile district

Wander around the neighborhood near place de l’Étoile

The Marne-Rhine canal

Walk along the waterfront between city and nature

Unusual Strasbourg

Immerse yourself in hidden gems and unusual discoveries to see a different side to the city

Rue du Jeu des Enfants

Explore a street that has become pedestrian; verdant and colorful

On a map…

View all our Off-piste sights on a map

Quai Rouget de Lisle

Stroll at the speed of the current to the European institutions

The parc de Pourtalès

Take a soothing walk in the forest just a stone’s throw from the city center

Our tips

Check out all our tips in Strasbourg

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