Neustadt is the former imperial German quarter of Strasbourg. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since July 2017.

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Don’t miss

• the National University Library with its glass dome (place de la République): housing 3 million documents, the BNU (Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire) is France’s 2nd largest library in terms of the number of works that can be found there

• the Strasbourg National Theater (place de la République): the TNS (Théâtre National de Strasbourg) has a program that averages 15 productions per season, with a total of about 180 performances

• the Tomi Ungerer Museum (place de la République): the International Center for Illustration and museum dedicated to artist Tomi Ungerer

• the Palais du Rhin (place de la République) is the former imperial palace built in the late 19th-century Germanic Neo-Renaissance style

• Avenue de la Liberté (which takes you from the Palais du Rhin to the Palais universitaire). From one building to the next, the facades along the avenue are made up of a mix of different styles – from historicism to Gothic Revival. Take the time to observe all the architectural details; you’ll find a multitude of sculptures, relief motifs and silhouettes

Saint-Paul’s Church (avenue de la Liberté) was built in the Gothic Revival Style at the end of the 19th century

• the Palais Universitaire (place de l’Université) is located at the heart of the Neustadt building project. It was designed as a palace of knowledge and forms an axis of knowledge and power with the Palais du Rhin

• the façade of the Lycée international des Pontonniers: this high school, which has a student body of over 1000, ranging from first-years to post-secondary preparatory classes, was built in 1902. Isn’t it a little reminiscent of Hogwarts? You’ll find the ideal vantage point along quai Lezay-Marnésia (on pont Saint-Etienne)

• the Botanical garden, stretching over 3.5 hectares in the heart of the city (open in the afternoon, free entry)

• the Court House (rue du Fossé des Treize) has recently been entirely renovated

Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Catholic Church (rue du Fossé des Treize) has the largest dome in Alsace

• the Parc de Contades is a peaceful and pleasant green lung in the heart of the Neustadt

Avenue de la Paix-Simone Veil, with Strasbourg’s Synagogue and a perfect view of the Cathedral

The other must-see sights of Strasbourg

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