Top 10 views of la Petite France

La Petite France, Strasbourg’s historic old town, is surrounded by water. Because of the canals of the river Ill winding between the charming, half-timbered houses, this neighborhood reminds us of an Alsatian little Venice. Explore the narrow, cobblestoned streets, or wander the edge of the water. Stop for a moment to enjoy the view on the Ponts Couverts, or the terrace of the Vauban Dam… This old milling and tanning district is an absolute must-see when visiting Strasbourg. 

Here is our selection of the top 10 best views of la Petite France:

10. Alignment of houses, rue du Bain-aux-Plantes 

9. Two half-houses, quai du Woerthel 

8. Half-timbered houses along the water

7. Quai de la Petite France 

6. The lock with a passing sightseeing boat   

5. La Maison des Tanneurs  

4. Le pont du Faisan: the turning footbridge

3. Ponts Couverts and la maison des Ponts Couverts

2. The view from pont Saint-Martin

1. The panoramic view from the terrace of the Vauban Dam, at sunset

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Some really fantastic photos and views! Now my question is, how easy is it to find a historical account of these buildings?

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