Where to stay in Strasbourg: Hotel LÉONOR

A few years ago, we noticed a very small tree had grown on the façade of the former police station, located at number 11, rue de la Nuée Bleue in Strasbourg. The building, which stood unoccupied from 2010 to 2017, has since been completely transformed after four years of renovations. The little tree has disappeared, and the old police station has been turned into a beautiful 4-star hotel.

Hotel LÉONOR, which opened at the end of 2021, was conceived as a lively hub, open to the people of Strasbourg. The contrast between the majestic 19th-century façade and the contemporary lobby makes for a very promising first impression.

The wings of the building are centered around a large interior courtyard. On the ground floor, you will find the hotel’s lounge bar, as well as a restaurant with its very own culinary signature.

The LÉONOR’s “Anytime” menu should satisfy any craving, no matter the time of day. Our favorite part was the tea-time pastries, like the Chocolat pralinéglace noisette, which consists of a hazelnut dome adorned with chocolate petals, along with hazelnut ice cream. We enjoyed this with a cup of Marco Polo, a fruity black tea from Mariage Frères. If felt like the height of luxury when Jérôme said, “Stephanie, you have a little gold leaf on your lip…”. 

In the evening, we enjoyed the lounge atmosphere with a couple of spicy cocktails, like Ninette à la Cour (with black tea-infused vodka, ginger liqueur, pear, spiced syrup, and lemon), and Les Amants Magnifiques (with mezcal, mango extract, chili tincture, agave syrup, and lime).

The hotel’s interior was designed by world-famous interior architect Jean-Philippe Nuel, who flawlessly combines tradition and modernity. His design studio has taken a less formal approach to decorating this historical space, in order to create a more laid-back setting. This esthetic dialogue with the building’s past is part of the LÉONOR’s identity.

For overnight guests, there are a total of 116 rooms over 3 floors, ranging from classic rooms to more luxurious suites.

As soon as we had made our reservation, the questionnaire sent to us by e-mail set the tone for our stay. Every effort was made to ensure that our check-in went smoothly, and to anticipate our needs and wishes for our stay in Strasbourg.

The interior of the rooms feels modern, featuring a combination of warm hues like ochre, natural and untreated materials, as well as both vintage and custom-made furniture. These rooms were made with tranquility, refinement, comfort, and relaxation in mind.

In each room, there is a rec ochre accent wall with a motif that looks as if it has faded with time, reminding us that this place is full of history

The former residence of Marshal Léonor Marie du Maine de Bourg (Governor of Alsace, then Marshal of France), whom the LÉONOR owes its name to, has changed significantly since his time. This formerly private mansion, which has been tastefully transformed into a chic contemporary hotel, is a worthy heir to its rich history, and truly lives up to its promise to be the new place to live in Strasbourg! The little tree, which had piqued our curiosity back then, was in fact a sign that something exceptional was going to happen here, although we didn’t know it at the time.

We’ll probably be back soon to try the out the restaurant menu – created by Michelin-star chefs Nicolas Stamm-Corby and Serge Schaal, and enjoy the outside seating in the courtyard.

We particularly enjoyed

  • The meticulously thought-out interior decoration that is respectful of the building’s past 
  • The welcoming, attentive, and friendly staff 
  • The modern, relaxing, and muted ambiance

📍 11 rue de la Nuée Bleue, Strasbourg

We stayed at the hotel LÉONOR in the winter of 2022. This article reflects our personal opinions and has not been written in exchange for any form of compensation

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What a lovely place, and how nice that you knew the building ‘before’ and then got to experience it in its new form.

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