Strasbourg Christmas Market 2022

The magic of Christmas is back in Strasbourg from November 25th to December 24th, 2022More than 300 stalls, miles of Christmas lights and lots of events are sure to create an atmosphere of wonder and enchantment all over town. Here is an overview of this year’s festivities.

More than 300 stalls 

Just like during the 2021 Christmas Market314 charming, chalet-like stalls are spread out over a dozen of squares around the city centerwith place Broglieplace de la Cathédrale and place du Château standing out as the main attractions. Wider aisles between the chalets (making it easier to get around) are still in place, as are the dedicated “conviviality hubs” where you can stop to enjoy the snacks you’ve just bought at a nearby stall.

As we approach the market, our senses awaken. Delectable scents wash over us – mulled wine (vin chaud), coconut macaroons, fluffy waffles, smoky tarte flambée, and freshly cut pine. The great bell of the Cathedral tolls for evensong. Children gaze in wonder at the beautiful decorations and bright Christmas lights. A stall keeper with a booming voice tells his jokes to a handful of curious customers. We warm our chilly hands with a cup of hot cinnamon apple cider (jus de pomme chaud à la cannelle) or mulled wine from Chez Mathilde on place Broglie. “Il est bon, il est chaud, le vin chaud!” calls a young woman from a neighboring stall.

Christmas lights

At nightfall, when the Capital of Christmas dons its sparkling cloak of lights, that is when the magic happens, and you truly feel in the Christmas spirit.

Must-see markets and best spots for Christmas lights:

Place Broglie: for the historic Christkindelsmärik (the Christ child Market) and the light mapping on the façade of the old City Hall

Place Kléber: for the Great Christmas tree (which is over 30 m tall this year, and decorated with carved wooden ornaments, along with red and white baubles. Don’t miss the light and music show every hour from 17:00 to 20:00), and the stalls in the Charity Village (Village du partage)

Le Carré d’Or: this district of narrow streets around the Cathedral is beautifully decorated and decked with lights by the shopkeepers in rue des Orfèvres, rue du Sanglier, rue du Chaudron, and rue du Temple Neuf

Place de la Cathédrale and place du Château, at the foot of the majestic Cathedral

The starlit walk: see over 400 stars along the river, from pont du Corbeau to pont Saint-Guillaume

And more: rue du Maroquin, rue des Hallebardes, rue des Grandes Arcades, rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-poissons, Grand Rue, la Petite France…

The main changes from last year include reducing the number of Christmas lights by 20 % to preserve the environment and cut back on energy consumption, and moving the stalls from place des Meuniers to place Louise-Weiss, in la Petite France, where dedicated small Alsatian farmers and producers get their own market.

The theme for 2022 is the snowflake  “a fragile natural element”  illustrating the city’s efforts to preserve the festive spirit of the event, all while remaining exemplary in terms of energy sobriety. 

Dates and opening hours for 2022

  • From November 25th at 14:00 to December 24th at 18:00Le Village de l’Après (the After Village) will remain until January 1st, 2023, in square Louise Weiss and square Suzanne Lacore
  • The chalets are open every day from 11:00 to 20:00, except December 24th (11:00 to 18:00)
  • The Christmas lights will stay on until 23:00, while the Cathedral will remain lit until 01:00. The Great Christmas Tree will be fully lit from nightfall until 23:00, then more modestly until 01:00

In addition to the Christmas markets and lights, the program for 2022 consists of a vast array of shows, concerts, activities, and workshops.

Find out more about the 2022 Christmas events on the website Strasbourg Capital of Christmas

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It sure is! Lots of people, but very much magical. The smells, the lights, the music … it’s lovely ☺️
Thank you, Jo. We wish you a wonderful festive season as well.


Thank you! Yes we would say it is, the stalls are full of decorations, toys or food and drinks. There’s hot apple cider or hot chocolate for the kids. We think any kid would love it!

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