9 places to see wisteria in bloom in Strasbourg

Wisteria season, or wisteria hysteria, is a symbol of spring and a sign that summer is approaching, much like when the magnolias or cherry blossoms are in bloom.

A few façades drape themselves in colorful natural garlands, climbing clusters, and shawls of opulent blossoms. Terraces and arbors don a fleeting robe of lilac or white.Wisteria season isn’t just a feast for the eyes – the flowers also exhale an enchanting, slightly powdery and honeyed scent, attracting bees and butterflies.

Stéphanie has picked out 9 of the best places to see wisteria in bloom in Strasbourg.

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On boulevard Tauler, at n°31, the red brick façade is completely covered in white wisteria.

On boulevard Tauler, at the intersection with rue Herder, an old house is partially concealed by a voluminous cloud of purple wisteria.

The façade of n°1 rue Fischart is festooned with wisteria climbing gracefully up along the bricks.

On quai Rouget-de-Lisle, at n°2, the front gate of an elegant, turreted villa is adorned with a cascade of blooms.

On avenue de la Liberté, at n°17, the lilac wisteria highlights the stone faces all along the Louis XV-style façade.

On avenue de la Liberté, at n°5, the front door is crowned with a magnificent, blossoming mane every spring

As you cross the footbridge passerelle de l’Abreuvoir or walk down quai des Bateliers, a picturesque garden with violet wisteria creeping along the hedgerow appears on the opposite bank of the river Ill.

At the intersection of rue des Écrivains and quai au Sable, a flight of wisteria spills down a large part of the façade and the wall around the courtyard. It can also be seen from quai des Bateliers.

The arbor of la Maison des Ponts Couverts is one of the most photographed views in Strasbourg. In the springtime, it is transformed into a fairytale-like tunnel of flowers that attracts many visitors. Although you can no longer access the arbor directly, it is possible to take pictures through the gate or from the side.

If you want to see all 9 of these spots, you can take a lovely walk through different neighborhoods in the city.  The itinerary starts near the parc de l’Orangerie and ends in la Petite France.

24 replies on “9 places to see wisteria in bloom in Strasbourg”

I am in awe of the spread at Rue sea Ecrivains. I passed there early this week and stopped for photos, and when I passed with my 12 year old a day later, she stopped for photos too.

Otherwise, there is so so many beaut arrangements to photograph!

Fantastic post Steph!

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Lilacs are so lovely as well! They are a little more difficult to find in Strasbourg, but in Oslo, Norway (where Stephanie grew up) they are a sure sign of early summer. The perfect decoration for constitution day on the 17th of May!

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What a beautiful collection of places to see wisteria in bloom in Strasbourg! I can only imagine how enchanting it must be to walk through these streets and admire the bursts of lilac and white flowers. Thank you for sharing these spots, and for reminding us of the magic of spring.

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