A specialty coffee shop in Strasbourg: Mokxa 

The Mokxa team define themselves as “roasters of fine coffees”. Their artisanal and well-reasoned approach is accessible to everyone, whether you’re a coffee expert or just a coffee lover. The decor of the café is light and warm, the friendly atmosphere is contagious, and the coffee is delicious.

As soon as we pass the doorstep, we are greeted by a couple of jovial baristas. They are welcoming, affable, and always up for a chat. The counter set-up is very open and seems to have been designed to make it easier to connect with the customers.

It’s very difficult to choose between all the different kinds of coffee displayed on the large board behind the counter: espresso, cortado, cappuccino, flat white, mochaccino… There’s even a vegan option (oat milk) for no extra charge.

Mokxa specializes in coffee, but also offers a selection of teas, juices, and soft drinks. A signature coffee (such as Marron poivré – Peppered chestnut, such an original idea!) and seasonal drinks are also on the menu. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t hesitate to order a treat from Strasbourg pastry shop Jaune Citron with your drink – choose from an array of cakes (one of which is gluten-free), babkas, or cookies…  All drinks or pastries can be enjoyed in the shop or taken to go.

We find a table inside to drink our cappuccino and flat white, with a slice of cinnamon babka on the side.The terrace out on the pedestrian street is already full – this beautiful spring Saturday morning certainly is the perfect occasion to lounge in the sun for a while.

The interior of the tiny café is tastefully minimalist: fair wood surfaces, white and light-colored furniture, all highlighted by a splash of color thanks to the petrol blue ceiling. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed, with a soothing playlist of soul, indie and electronica running in the background.

Delicious and well-balanced with a light and creamy foam, the cappuccino has to be the best one we’ve tried in Strasbourg so far.

The coffees made by the baristas at Mokxa are not just vaguely coffee-like hot drinks. They’re the result of a long process, with total control of the supply chain in order to create high quality, locally sourced, artisanally roasted coffee. Mokxa focuses on the quality and traceability of their 100 % arabica coffee beans sourced from organic farmers and fairtrade cooperatives, all meeting strict production specifications. The company has been running its own roasting facilities since 2011 in Lyon, and since 2016 in Strasbourg. It also offers a training program for budding baristas and coffee roasters.

The café also has a little shop corner, where you can buy bags of house-roasted coffee beans from different origins (Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya…) – each one an invitation to travel through coffee – and several kinds of tea. Every type of coffee comes with a post card presenting the area where it was grown: its origin, variety, certifications, aromas (like for wine), and a list of advice on how to prepare it and what machine to use.

We’ll be back soon to sample another one of Mokxa’s excellent coffees while we enjoy a break and share a moment together in this lovely neighborhood café.

Café Mokxa
📍 9 rue du Parchemin, Strasbourg

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I am so fond of going to coffee shops and sensing coffee’s aroma. Well, I am not a coffee person because I was diagnosed with nervousness and anxiety, however, going to places like coffee shops is interesting and exciting! Ideal places to unwind. Or, places to work when we need a peaceful and elegant working ambiance.

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