Top 10 best views of Neustadt, Strasbourg

Neustadt is the former imperial German quarter of Strasbourg and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This “new town” was built between 1871 and 1918 to turn Strasbourg into a showcase of Prussian power, at a time when Alsace was a part of the German empire. The borough is the result of an ambitious town planning project, which made the city triple in size.

The Neustadt quarter is characterized by wide avenues, splendid views of the river Ill, iconic buildings (like the Palais du Rhin, the university library or the Lycée des Pontonniers), and large parks (such as place de la République, Contades, or the Botanical Garden). The neighborhood’s architecture consists of a harmonious blend of several styles, ranging from Italian or German Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque to Art Nouveau

Here is our selection of the top 10 best views of the Neustadt quarter:

10. The Neo-Gothic building on the corner of avenue de la Liberté and quai Koch

9. The Botanical Garden

8. The Egyptian House

7. The Janus Fountain

6. Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Catholic church, seen from rue Sainte-Odile 

5. Palais Universitaire  

4. Palais du Rhin, seen from place de la République

3. Saint-Paul’s church and the view of the river Ill from pont Royal

2. The view from Pont d’Auvergne

1. Le Lycée des Pontonniers

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