Strasbourg through the seasons: place de la République  

Place de la République is a square located in the heart of the Neustadt quarter, Strasbourg’s former imperial German neighborhood, and now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The center of the square is occupied by a public garden, which is perfect to stroll or lounge about in. The blossoming magnolias in springtime and the golden foliage of the ginkgo trees in autumn always attract a crowd of curious onlookers. 

The place de la République is lined with several iconic buildings, such as the Palais du Rhin (a late 19th-century Germanic neo-Renaissance style imperial palace), the Strasbourg National Theater (or TNS, presenting an average of 15 productions per season), and the National University Library (or BNU, with the country’s second largest collection of works).

With each changing season, Strasbourg reveals a new side of itself, a particular charm and unique atmosphere. While exploring Strasbourg, we strive to capture the city in every light and shade the seasons offer us throughout the year. After the pink hues of magnolias in bloom, the summer heat will follow, before giving way to blazing autumn colors, and the pale winter frost.

(Re)discover place de la République at different times of year:

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Totally get that! The ginkgo’s are just magnificent when they’re in their full golden splendor… but you should experience magnolia season as well! There are trees all over town, so you can really enjoy it. Ginkgos are rarer. But these are pretty ancient! They were a gift from the emperor of Japan to emperor Wilhelm II, when Strasbourg was under German rule at the turn of the 19th century.

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