Strasbourg through the seasons: pont d’Auvergne

Built at the end of the 19th century and renovated in 2007, the pont d’Auvergne spans the river Ill between place de l’Université and avenue de la Liberté. It is aligned with the axis running from the Palais Universitaire to place de la République, in Strasbourg’s historical Neustadt quarter. Whereas the silhouette of St. Paul’s church towers over the right side of the bridge, the left side offers an incomparable view.

In the foreground, the Ill (the river circling the center of Strasbourg) presents a lively scene with passing swans and sightseeing boats. A large magnolia tree on the riverbank transforms into a cloud of pink and white when it blooms in the spring. A little further on, on Pont Royal, you can follow the to-and-fro of the trams at the Gallia stop. Finally, the majestic spire of Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame Cathedral appears between the buildings in the background. 

With each changing season, Strasbourg reveals a new side of itself, a particular charm and unique atmosphere. While exploring Strasbourg, we strive to capture the city in every light and shade the seasons offer us throughout the year. After the bright hues of spring, the vivid shades of summer will follow, before giving way to blazing autumnal colors and the muted tones of winter.

(Re)discover the view from pont d’Auvergne at different times of year::

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Sorry, j’aurai mal compris (ou mal lu ) le texte, ce ne serait pas la première fois. Merci pour le site, ca me rappelle bien des souvenirs de ma ville natale.

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