8 brunch spots in Strasbourg

Halfway between breakfast and lunch, brunch is the perfect occasion to enjoy a relaxing morning with your love or catch up with friends or family over a delicious meal. We’ve picked out 8 places to have brunch in Strasbourg during the weekend. Whatever your preference – pancakes, avocado toast, smoothies, danishes, eggs and bacon, all-you-can-eat buffets, pastries, African cuisine, healthy, vegetarian, or vegan food…  you’ll find something you like!

Brunch on Saturdays (and breakfast on weekdays)

Tonton Gâteau

› A “gourmet” café with a welcoming, pleasant, and family friendly atmosphere

Brunch on Saturdays (and breakfast on weekdays)


› A café and tearoom that is the perfect place to treat yourself and relax for a while

Brunch on Sundays (buffet)

Hotel Maison Rouge 

› Experience a moment of relaxation and refinement in a luxury hotel

Brunch every day

Hey Mama

› A café-restaurant offering a modern, African-inspired cuisine 

Brunch every day 

Madame Julia

› A cozy foodie haven

Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays

Le Café potager 

› A healthy “fast-good” café with a lush, verdant interior and light wooden details

Brunch on Sundays (buffet) 

Le Drunky Stork

› An atypical pub with an eclectic cuisine

Brunch on Sundays


› A cozy atmosphere with a cool interior

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