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When is the best time to visit Strasbourg?

Are you planning a trip to Strasbourg, but you’re not sure which time of year would best suit your interests, needs and preferences? We’ve prepared a seasonal guide to Strasbourg for you, with pros (+) and cons (-) for each season.

The parliamentary sessions of the different European institutions will directly affect hotel prices and availabilities. You can find the session calendar on the website of the Information Center on European Institutions.

Our recommendation


Pros +:

  • The weather is usually pleasant
  • The magnolias, cherry blossoms, and wisterias will be in bloom (depending on the month)
  • Restaurants and cafés are opening their terraces
  • Nesting season for swans and storks
  • Night of the Museums: free evening access to the city’s museums

Cons -:

  • Risk of hailstorms and sudden rain showers: the weather is quite unstable
  • Pollen season: risk of hay fever


Pros +:

  • Longer days and milder weather (in June)
  • Festival season, with open-air concerts and cinema events (at the Jardin des Deux Rives)
  • Catch the yearly summer light mapping show projected on the Cathedral and other monuments around town
  • Enjoy gorgeous sunsets from the panoramic terrace of the Vauban Dam
  • Soak up the sun on the summer docks and the pop-up beach on the Presqu’île Malraux
  • Fête de la Musique (Music Day) on the 21st of June
  • Explore the art fair L’Industrie Magnifique (in June, every 2 years)
  • The “Grande Braderie” (great street market)
  • The Street Performance Festival (Festival des Arts de la Rue, or FARSe), mid-August
  • Pop-up café terraces on the river Ill and different places around town

Cons :

  • Risk of heat waves, humidity, and thunderstorms (July and August)
  • Large number of tourists in the city center


Pros +:

  • Autumn colors (changing leaves)
  • European Heritage Days: explore places and buildings that are usually closed to the public
  • The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival (focusing on fantasy, horror, sci-fi, noir films, dark comedies, and thrillers)
  • Foggy mornings (incredible atmosphere)
  • Fewer tourists
  • Frequent Indian summers (until mid-October) will allow you to enjoy summery temperatures in a calmer environment

Cons :

  • Risk of rain and gloomy weather
  • Shorter days, less daylight


Pros +:

  • Shop at the famous Christmas Market and admire the Christmas lights in the streets of Strasbourg (from late November to late December)
  • Soak up the magical Christmas atmosphere
  • Strasbourg Mon Amour (aka Strasbourg My Love, a whole series of events around Valentine’s Day in February)
  • ST-ART: Strasbourg’s contemporary art and design fair (November)
  • The ideal season to enjoy a hot beverage inside, in a café or tea room
  • Have a fresh Maennele (December): these typically Alsatian little brioche men are made around the holidays (particularly for the feast of Saint Nicholas on the 5th of December)

Cons :

  • Over 2 million visitors flock to Strasbourg between the end of November and the end of December. The crowd makes it a little difficult to get around town and explore freely
  • Hotels and restaurants tend to get very full in late November and all of December
  • Nature is asleep, no leaves on the trees
  • Cold weather, risk of snow and black ice

In our opinion, spring and autumn are the ideal seasons to visit and explore Strasbourg, although each changing season will allow you to see the city in a new light, revealing a unique charm and atmosphere.

Strasbourg through the seasons

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I love that the cons are ridiculously short- as if there is zero reason to not come visit! And I’m fully in agreement- spring and autumn are definitely the best seasons to visit. ❤

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